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  • akunk commented on CamdenS5's instructable Automated Cocktail Drink Machine8 months ago
    Automated Cocktail Drink Machine

    This is awesome! Very thorough and amazing work.However, my one concern is with the PLA mint and sugar parts. While PLA is generally recognized as food safe, 3D printed PLA parts are a bit more problematic. The heat from your 3D printer's extruder can contaminate the PLA, most filament contains other additives (such as dyes), and 3D printed parts have a really coarse and porous surface finish, which traps bacteria and is nearly impossible to clean. I'd suggest using your 3D printed parts as masters to create a Silicon or Urethane mold and doing a casting in a food-safe resin. Or maybe you can get those parts machined out of a food safe plastic or metal? Otherwise, very well done!

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