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  • allmonc commented on joseph.bartin's instructable The Eratosthenes-inator2 months ago
    The Eratosthenes-inator

    Great demonstration! The only error I found was in your explanation of navigating by the stars, in which you referred to the angle between the horizon and the North Star Polaris as the "altitude" of Polaris. I think you meant the "elevation" of Polaris, which is the angle of any specific direction above the horizon, usually in an outdoor setting. The "altitude" is the height of an object, such as an airplane or mountaintop, above sea level.

    I was unaware of the use of the term "altitude" as an angle in astronomy terminology. It appears that the terms "altitude angle" and "elevation angle" are synonymous in the discipline of astronomy, as seen in the article under the topic HA-DEC versus AZ-EL Radio Telescopes where it states "In an AZ-EL system anywhere on Earth, east is 90 degrees AZ, and halfway up in EL or altitude (ALT) would be 45 degrees. AZ-EL and ALT-AZ are simply different names for the same reference system, ALTitude being the same measurement as ELevation."

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    So anyone could get in by shutting off the ac breaker (maybe not a toddler!)

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