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  • DIY Overall Dress From a Large Flannel Shirt (No Sewing)

    This is soooo wrong! It's bad enough wimins stealing our shirts and stuff, but at least we can sneak them back, but this! Chopping them up, that's not fair... ;)

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  • alloydog commented on netwebb's instructable How to Print and Bind a Booklet1 year ago
    How to Print and Bind a Booklet

    Unfortunately, I don't have any photos, as it was done many years ago.But, I found that that more than about 40 pages (10 sheets of paper), tended to become too thick to folder and bind neatly.For a book with over a hundred pages, I would print it up in booklet format, in batches of forty pages.I made the binding stitches closer together, at about an inch (2½ cm) apart.Then, stacking the booklets together, I threaded cotton though the booklets' stitching to hold them altogether.You need to loop around the top stitches few times to secure it, then weave in and out between the stitches, working your way done the to the bottom stitch, where again you loop around several times to secure it.

    For book binding, go for rubber cement, or Gum Arabia - PVA tends to set hard, where as gum arabia stays flexible. I wish I could get gum arabia in Finland: I've asked around and no one seems to know what it is!

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  • alloydog commented on weaverleathercraftsupply's instructable Leather Wine Rack1 year ago
    Leather Wine Rack

    Neat idea. But, you know, if you made it longer, with more hoops for the bottles and made the hoops into cups, you could make a Wine Bandoleer...

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  • Uuni 2S Portable Pizza Oven Glass Door Modification

    Real neat job. Now you can sing along to "Hyva pizza sulle paistelen..." ;)That oven might what we're looking for.

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  • alloydog commented on TalalKhalil's instructable Digital Logic Gates (Part 1)3 years ago
  • alloydog commented on XtremeArtistPRO's instructable How to draw fire3 years ago
    How to draw fire

    Please, don't take offence, but you should have your colours the other around.Where you have red/dark orange, this should be bright yellow, fading out to red at the top.This is because the colour is due to the heat and fire is nearly always hotter, and there for brighter near the source of combustion. As it gets cooler, it turns more redder.Just do a web search for "fire" and look at the images. You will see fire is more yellow where it is burning and turning red at the edges.

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  • alloydog commented on stalker145's instructable Browse Your CPAP Statistics3 years ago
    Browse Your CPAP Statistics

    Thanks for that! I've been using a CPAP machine for about eight months now. I've often wondered if the data was accessible or required propriety software.

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