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I pass the time by involving myself in small projects and watching youtube political discussions. I am a jack of all trades and master of none, and am good up until I have to house a project in a box, I never was able to colour in between the lines.


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  • Hi Arthur,Newer all in one temp humidity readers (digital) are much better at temp/hum reading and don't need calibration. Use these instead.I'd suggest Having a base of perlite for humidty, and using the ultrasonic humidifier to top up the humidity when required (especially when cycling air).CO2 reader wasn't very good (calibration wise, and also the fact it needed to be heated to give a good reading). I would scrap that all together and just go with a timed circuit that turns on air exchange x min every y minutes where x<y.When bringing in new air, run the humidifier at the same time (stops the mushrooms drying out)CheersAnthony

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