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  • Is it possible for you to send me the IR code that trigger the relay. I can use Arduino to emulate it. If you do; please indicate what protocol ( NEC, Sony etc)I can also use RAW if needed.I tried several remotes none responded

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  • While waiting for the parts....I thought I try to understand the code above.To emulate the code hardware, I had some TOUCH sensors I thought it can help me out to understand the code.The results were very flaky and the timing was also bad.Let me expand. emulating the inputs I touched the three sensors according to the shape of the triangle Some time I succeed and most of the time not.The author of the code did a lot of messaging of the time delays etc to ensure proper capturing. It did not work either in my case Most of the time the input is IGNORED.Someone mention to me that sensor type does not matter in pursuit of motion direction, so why I am facing these odd behaviour.

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  • 1. How do keep the lamp on once condition is true.2. related to point 1, if the lamp has a switch to manually turn off, how can the switch work in tandem with the system.By that I mean if I use the switch to turn off lamp( sleep time ) . I have to put it on again so the system can function next night ???

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