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  • atw58 commented on Maker BR's instructable DIY SMD REWORK STATION.2 months ago

    Very nice simple design. For folks in Canada, what changes are necessary if we want to adapt to 120V ac mains.I can see doubling the heater wires in the handle to maintain the same power output. From the schematic maybe half the values of R7, 11 and 12. From the code maybe any heating cooling delays?

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  • atw58 commented on CHARLESCRANFORD's instructable Floating Shelves From Scrap Wood1 year ago
    Floating Shelves From Scrap Wood

    Nice idea for under used space. I made a wooden hook/arm to hang a small 7 1/4" mitre saw between the garage doors.

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  • atw58 commented on velacreations's instructable Solar Food Dryer2 years ago
    Solar Food Dryer

    I've wanted to dry fruit/veg and had an idea to place the trays in a box with air filters at the top and bottom. The box would use the hot air in the attic as the drying source. In Toronto attic temps can easily reach 50C and generally it's pretty dry in the summer due to sun radiating heat through the roof for 12+ hrs a day. The attic's insulation is fiberglass with a thick layer of blown cellulose on top. Preventing any contamination is my only worry.

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  • Quick and easy homestead uses for Plastic Bottles (PET)

    Part of my vegetable garden is on a slope along the side of the house. When watering it easily runs downhill and doesn't soak into the soil. I stuck 2.5 inch rings from a 2L bottle then cut in half to form a semi-circle placed into the dirt to act as a wall to hold in the water. These mini terraces do a good job of allowing the water to penetrate instead of running away.

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