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  • badger4 commented on pizzidave's instructable Marc Jacobs Inspired Earrings3 years ago
    Marc Jacobs Inspired Earrings

    Such a nice, simple idea - thanks for posting this! I have a lot of earring hooks and beads, and I've been looking for good ways to use them.

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  • badger4 commented on alois's instructable Listen to a led tea light3 years ago
    Listen to a led tea light

    This is awesome! I had no idea until I read about it in another instructable that links to this one. I used alligator clips attached to the plug of a little battery-powered speaker set (external speakers meant for mp3 players and the like). I did not recognize the tune, but it definitely was music!Speaking of curiousity, I once put a data CD into my CD player in hope of getting some weird fax-machine-type sounds (no, it did not work, unfortunately). I have to say that if I had found this on my own (with a light microphone, say), I would have been surprised enough to doubt my perception. ;-)Now I'm going to try it again with earphones and see if I can recognize the tune.

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