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  • I have a kit, very similar to yours I got off eBay for about $200. You have to go into it with the mindset that you are building a diy printer and just buying all the parts in one kit. With alot of tweaking and modding you can get quite excellent prints. My stuff now looks better than what I see alot of makerbots putting out. I was lucky enough that mine worked pretty good right out of the box. But I recommend printing a fan duct like the one I attached a picture of for far better bridging. Also aquanet hairspray on the glass and you will never have a PLA print lift. I respray the bed only every 10 or so prints right on top of the old without cleaning and my prints stick perfectly but once the bed comes down to room temperature they pop right off.

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  • Do you have a total cost for all accessories such as bearings and chuck. I have a motor and would be sand casting allot of the parts, but the tubes, bolts, angle iron, bearings, and chuck.

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  • batman96 commented on GeekTripp's instructable Loss PLA Casting

    This is something I've been wanting to try since I got my printer. I have printed parts and casted them in a two part greensand mold. But I haven't tried lost PLA yet. Not many people seem to do it even though the results I've seen are very good. Question. Is the PLA harder to burn out than wax? like if you don't get it extremely hot will some plastic stay inside? Other instructions I've read on lost PLA casting say you need to get the mold red hot to make sure all the PLA is out. Which shouldn't be a problem. I have a diy waste oil burner that reaches 2000°F but was wondering if it's really necessary.

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