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Hi there, I’m Arun K Jain ,a social entrepreneur working in the area of energy access for the urban poor. I am a LED enthusiast,experimentor and hydroponic hobbyist. I became a LED lighting and gardening enthusiast 5 years ago at the age of 53. Besides seeking LED solutions for different applications , i love growing different types of vegetables, plants by experimenting with different growing techniques like hydroponics, acquaponics and Organic . So I am absolutely thrilled to call myself a …
  • Thanks Diane,I will keep in mind your advise while experimenting.Pls suggestHow to find which nutrients are specific to different crops.PLS suggest nutrient forLettuceCucumber Tomato SpinachCorianderCan I buy say NPK 20 20 20 And then modify to suit the specific type.Thanks

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  • Hi Diane,Thanks for a very informative post.I now realise the mistakes i have been making with my hydroponic experiments.I still have some questions.1.What difference will it make if we use any other nutrient formula say 9-9-9 NPK or any other.2.How does the lettuce perform in open? Do we need to cover and isolate the growing containers/ area with a plastic sheet or net.3.Can we plant the seeds directly in the net pot or should we plant the seedlings.4.If we start with seeds why do we need to keep some empty space in the container. Why not fill it up completely till it touches the bottom of the net pot.5 How can we grow lettuce if the outside ambient temperature is above 40°C.ThanksArun

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