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  • How to Crack Your Back - Update

    Thanks man! I bought a foam roller some months ago but for different reasons like moving to another apartment I forgot to use it. After some thinking about a back massage apparatus I came back to it, modified it a bit (;)) and now I see this. Good things! Back pain for years and years on end (as soon as I´m not training "on the floor" martial arts several times a week wich I don´t but hopefully soon will). Best thing for a broken back is to see ones kids grow older so one can get some time back ;).

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  • Do you know how to push through the diods in a charge regulator that comes with a li-ion batt for computers/tools/e-scooters? I'm working on a macbook battery to make a powerbank. I will also add a solarcell that gives me 2 - 3 volts. I use an ATX powersupply testbench as the source of input. It delivers a steady 5,2 v but no amps (I see it with a "charger doctor"). I need some fresh mind to help me think.

    The battery itself currently has a a 11.81 v charge in it. and it obvously don't like my tinkering. How do I get those 5 or 2 volts into the 11 v battery? Should I solder on connector wires after the internal charge regulator? I mean that would be weird since the mac itself charges the batt through the connector on the safe side of the regulator. I just don't understand why I don't see any amps on the 5 v delivery.

    Connect old batteries to each other (that you don't need) and then put them under a frying pan or in your oven or whatever fire proof place you find suitable and then you see what happens and what doesent happen.

    Maybe I need to use the sys detect pin (the middle one on the mac connector).

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  • great ideas! Thank you! Very creative. My gf thinks I collect too much electronics other ppl throw away and now Imy cell phone collection will grow even more. Just in case ;). In general I salvage electronics at a rate where I get scared. Where is the world going? Most things I find arent even broken anomore. Xbox 360, microwave, power tools, photo equipment, . Lost count of all perfectly ok or mildly malfunctioning stuff I found only this year..

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  • bilden commented on pinomelean's instructable Li-ion battery charging

    I would say what you are doing is another question, to the verge of off topic for this fantasticinstructable about charging Li-ion batteries.

    Im thinking of installing a small solar cell on the roof of my car as a "topping charger". Maybe thats something for your trailer?

    Im fiddling with solar power and My advice is attaching a cheap regulator circuit designed for solar panels. Thats why I want to learn about Li-ion charging.. Cause I want to do it with solar power. I havent yet managed to make any workaround to get rid of the led acid battery yet but until then its not that cool.

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