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  • bomb192uk followed Bodmer1 year ago
      • Arduino - TFT display of icons and images from FLASH memory
      • Arduino - TFT display of bitmap images from an SD Card
      • Arduino analogue 'ring' meter on colour TFT display
  • bomb192uk commented on Bodmer's instructable Arduino TFT display and font library1 year ago
    Arduino TFT display and font library

    Sorry, just seen you're reply below from a few days ago. I will download and test :-)

    Awesome library, it was set up within minutes and super fast! Now my display is looking good and super smooth :-)

    Great library, so fast and full of features.One question, is there any plan or could you add support for the ESP8266? The libraries that are available for the esp8266 (beyond the Adafruit one) are ok but the text functions of your library seem much faster and more efficient and it would be nice to be able to use them.

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