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  • Make Your Own Dead-Blow Hammer! | DIY Woodworking Tools #7

    You could call this a dead-weight hammer, but I'm having a hard time seeing its usefulness since it's quite dangerous if you were to swing it. I wouldn't want to get hit by a flying transformer.

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  • buzzclick commented on JoeB142's instructable Wood Stump Candle Holder2 years ago
    Wood Stump Candle Holder

    Hi Joe,I like the final result, but for some reason, my crotch has gotten itchy :)One very important comment I have for you is; candle holders/bases are usually made of glass or metal to prevent any possibility of catching fire, so be careful not to ever forget the candles burning. A solution to this that is simple is to use tin can bottoms of the closest size to avoid any potential probs.

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