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  • Wow! What great ideas - you remind me of my father who was a millwright and could fix ANYTHING. Amazing work, and please don't apologize about your english. And your videos were superb as well.

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  • Great 'ible. This recipe is the base for the peanut brittle my mother made. Just add a good handful of raw, shelled peanuts at the start of cooking, and continue to cook until the peanuts also turn a nice golden brown. Then add the soda and get ready to pour - it's pretty hectic at the end!

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  • calpos commented on seamster's instructable Woodworking Featherboards

    Nice work! One thought on the birch ply - did you consider some type of plastic instead? I made some several years ago for a Ryobi BT3000 table saw from a cheap (Dollar Store) plastic cutting board. It flexes well, is very resistant to having the featherboard "fingers" break off, but it was a bit of a mess to cut. If you try, go slow with your cuts and expect that you might have some melted plastic bits on the blade and below the table.

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