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  • How to Make Your Own Diaphragm Turkey Call

    where do you get the waterproof tape and how wide is it? Walmart only had a 1" version in the pharmacy.

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  • The ULTIMATE Plumbing Tricks Guide (15+ Tricks)

    My wife taught me something similar. She used an old exfoliating pumice stone. I had been trying vinegar, plastic putty knives and don't remember what all else. we had some bad rings due to hard water, but the pumice took it out in about 5 minutes. Now, doing it every couple weeks will prevent it from getting so bad.

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  • OccuPod - an Old Storm Drain Pipe Turned Into a Warm and Comfortable Living Space!

    Excellent prototype! relatively speaking, the pipes don't cost much to manufacture. If you were to go all in, you could use rectangular spaces instead of round which would make the building much easier. Build your own forms and include anchor sockets so you don't have to do the drilling. You could stack them. You could make them thinner and lighter. You opened up a great possibility. Good job!

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  • caruncles commented on jfulop10's instructable Mosquito Killing Ovitrap1 year ago
    Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

    Tell me again, what is the purpose of the sock other than coloring the container? Seems like it just makes things harder?What size mesh on the screen?

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  • caruncles commented on Withered Perception's instructable DIY $5.00 Sandblaster1 year ago
    DIY $5.00 Sandblaster

    did you see the featuresDurable, easy to damage, long service life.

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  • caruncles commented on johnzhu's instructable $1 Inflatable Sander Replacement DIY1 year ago
    $1 Inflatable Sander Replacement DIY

    Assuming that sandpaper is coated with glue and then the abrasive sprinkled on, why couldn't you do this with a round ball?

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  • caruncles commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Vaseline1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Vaseline

    You should use an animal-based oil on leather, like neatsfoot oil or mink oil. On rubber, silicone is probably best.Petroleum Jelly was discovered by roughnecks in the early days of oil drilling. It was a white oozy stuff that was stuck to the sides of the well casings (I'm guessing caused by friction/heat). They found it was good for conditioning their hands.

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  • How to Grow Orange Tree From Seeds. Bottle Germination Method. Work Always. 100% Success.

    On most fruit trees you should should pick off the fruit the first year. This is mainly to keep the heavy fruit from breaking the tender branches which are not strong enough to hold the weight. Even after the tree is strong enough to support the fruit, you need to cull out the fruit to where they are no more than a hand's-width apart. At least that's the rule for peaches and probably holds true for most fruit trees. This allows the tree to give more resources to fewer fruits which makes them bigger and better.

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  • caruncles commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Fix a Hole in Drywall2 years ago
    Fix a Hole in Drywall

    I keep some mesh bags that fruit and vegetables come in. I cut a piece bigger than the hole and mud it. With needle nose pliers, I grab it in the middle and push it through the hole, then pull some of it back out just enough to hold it in place while the mud dries on the inside of the wall. I go and do something else while the mud dries. I'll come back and finish it. It might take a couple of times to get it pretty, depending how big the hole is. However, I like your method better. I would certainly consider it in a place where there will be high visibility, because it looks like a cleaner patch. Good Job!

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    I did this a couple weeks ago. However, I just pulled the stopper up from the top and all the gunk was there. I have a septic tank, so I didn't flush it. I dumped it in the flower bed on the back 40. Yea, aligning that stopper up with that lever is the hard part. Until I "discovered" this is where the clog really is and not in the P-trap, I wanted to replace the built-in stopper with a free-moving strainer and plug. However, this is not that hard after you've done it once, AND mine caught a lot of gunk.

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  • Bottle Cutting With a Soldering Iron

    I appreciate the idea but I'm afraid I don't have that much patience. I remember when we were kids, and didn't have a glass cutter, we would soak twine in some kind of fuel then wrap it around the bottle where we wanted the cut, then light it. It wasn't always perfect, but It worked most of the time.

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  • caruncles commented on tguck32's instructable How to Temper Steel2 years ago
    How to Temper Steel

    Good presentation! However, if you are forging something more valuable you need to quench in oil. Cooling the metal too fast can cause it to crack or de-laminate, especially if you forge different pieces together. I like the mini-forge!

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  • caruncles commented on SpecificLove's instructable Survival Whistle from a Soup Can2 years ago
    Survival Whistle from a Soup Can

    the bottle cap needs no modifications. Hold the the thumbs together. Place them over the cap leaving a little V above the knuckles. Put your lips on the knuckles and blow. You can master it in less than 5 minutes. As said, keeping a bottle cap in your pocket is about as easy as it gets. This also works with half a hickory nut shell. This whistle is very loud. All that being said, I'm going to try the can thing just to say I did.

    If you can't make the whistle, beat on the can like a drum. Use the shiny parts for a reflector (if the sun is shining).

    Yep, white oaks are a good size. Hickory nuts work too.

    depends on at what age you consider a "kid" and what you've taught them. I was carrying a pocket knife when I was 7 years old. I was taught how and when to use it.

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  • Start Your Car With a Rope (Dead Battery Life Hack)

    I'm really surprised anyone could do this. I was a shade tree mechanic in my teens and 20's and had several manual trans cars and had a lot of experience pushing (with people and with another vehicle). It's very hard to turn that engine over, much less with the transmission connected to it. Having said that, with the little bitty engines in some little bitty cars nowadays, It must be possible. I'd bet it can't be done on 6 or 8 cylinder engine.

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  • caruncles commented on dcshoeco33's instructable simple electronic ignitor2 years ago
    simple electronic ignitor

    I've been interested in making something like this, but would need to make a spark to set off a black powder charge. However, I think it would need some type of step-up transformer like an engine coil (DC). This application would be for large, too-far-to-run, explosives that require a wire directly to the blasting cap/charge. Your "ible" is cool, but I wouldn't want to haul all that around just to light firecrackers or mortars. A 3-pack of Bic lighters from the convenience store for $1.50 seems much more convenient. Still, keep up the good work!

    in serial. Pos-neg-pos-neg-pos-neg. probably need to solder them. This is how your cordless, rechargeable, power tools work. The batteries in them are usually "sub-C" batteries wired in series.

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