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  • ccmrry commented on paservank's instructable So You Drilled in the Wrong Spot2 years ago
    So You Drilled in the Wrong Spot

    Never heard of a Rawl interset. Had to Google it. It's simply a hollow wall anchor or moly plug. From that I learned there is a setting tool with a lever that pulls the screw to set the wings against the back. Could have used one of those many times to save the tedious screwing the screw until the wings gripped against the back, and especially for those times when it slipped and the whole thing turned in the hole instead of clamping against the back side of the wall.

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  • ccmrry commented on seadraggin's instructable DIY flexible tie ties (CHEAP)2 years ago
    DIY flexible tie ties (CHEAP)

    Or do it simpler. I take a short length of cotton clothesline rope and tie a loop on both ends. Put it around the cord and pass one loop through the other to cinch the cord. Hang the free loop from a hook on the pegboard or a nail.

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