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    How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

    I would put 3 washers on the bottom of the pan for the fluid.

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  • cecil.johns1 commented on ceciljohns's instructable Air Compressor Dryer2 years ago
    Air Compressor Dryer

    All parts bought were tested at 150 psi by the manufacturer. The hose is 200 psi tested. and I understand your concern as it was my concern also.

    Check the bottom of the down tube?

    I thought about that method, but due to the very close configuration of the compressor and the tank, It was impossible. Since Jan 1, 2017, and I have been really using the compressor, Filter 1 is about 1/2 way with pink crystals.It is working out GREAT!!!

    The hose is 250psi tested. sorry

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