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  • Ok, if that's what it says. I bought one yesterday on line and noticed afterwards the 428 degrees"(platinum silicone to withstand high temperatures of up to 428ºF (220ºC)" and it seemed odd they would call for the maximum temp the item can endure.

    You're right. My fault.

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  • Are you sure it's heat to 428? That's the max that the silicone bread maker thing can withstand. Bread usually bakes at 375 (less than 1/2 cup sugar) or 350 (for more than 1/2 cup sugar) and even with that excessive temp the speed of the baking isn't much faster than normal.

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  • Thanks for the instructable. Pu 'er is not a mispronounced English "poor air"; the tea is named after Pu 'er City (which contrary to popular belief doesn't mean "poor air that smells like s**t"...;-) It is my favorite tea, that's why I have to call you on this.

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