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  • How to Make a Scary Wooden Fence Picket Skull

    My wife and I made it 3 years ago and still hanging it on my front door. Very durable!

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  • clark77494 commented on KentH8's instructable Dog Staircase

    The main thing is to keep the steps consistent height and depth so as not to trip the dog or in your case your cat. In the original design I was going to use the entire 4 foot by 8 foot 3/4 inch plywood board, except the steps would not be long enough for the build. When I went to Loews they had carpet as cheap as 48 cents per square foot. Since I used remnant it was only 4 feet wide. We wanted a higher grade carpet which was $1.19 per Square foot at 48 square feet, which would have cost $57.12 if we purchased an 8 foot wide roll. Since it was remnant carpet we got it for 21 cents per square foot or $10.00 for the roll. Carpet comes in 64 foot rolls, the remnant is the remaining carpet in the roll that can't be sold to carpet contractors who are installing carpet in an entire house.

    Thank you. Ginger is a rescue dog. Part Alsatian Dog and part GSD. The nice part is she does not bark much and fireworks don't scare her. I have trained her not to be startled when children or other dogs run up to her. She is very aloof to strangers even when being petted.

    Thank you. Only the best for our pets! :-)

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  • clark77494 commented on seamster's instructable Wooden Chair Mat

    I'm going to make it out of 1/4" plywood, since I have some left over from another project. The one you built will probably last forever. It's just the thought of stubbing my toe when I get that 2:00 AM phone call that is not appealing to me. I'm going to use the current plastic mat as a template. I will show you when it's done.

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  • Going to make it this weekend. I'm going to use it as a door hanger for Halloween. Instead of using Dowels, I'm going to fasten it to 1/4" plywood, since I have plenty of scrap stock. Keep the excellent ideas coming! :-)

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