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  • cncholic commented on evertjloo's instructable LooVille ModelRailroad7 months ago
    LooVille ModelRailroad

    This is awesome, you did a fantastic job. When I was a kid we did built complex train sets too but I lived only a few km from the Faller factory and my grandma had a toy shop. So there was endless supply. Going through the Faller rubbish bins was a highlight of my youth. For the landscape we used crape paper soaked in wall paper glue instead of plaster. That was very easy to work with as it holds the shape and cures rock hard. I admire what you did and so should you. Enjoy it every day and never stop expanding. You have serious skills.

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  • cncholic commented on 陳亮's instructable Circuit Visualization1 year ago
    Circuit Visualization

    Love it, very well made article. I learned electronics with the Braun Lectron about 55 years ago, a forgotten tool that works on the same basis. Congrats, great execution

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