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my favorite knexers are:(no order) 1.kinetic! 2.Killer~SafeCracker 3.thedunkis 4.oblivitus 5.kNeXFreek 6.lowney 7.logic boy 8.nutty guy 9.knex gun builder 10.iam canadian 11:knexfreak95 12:THE AWESOME SELEZIONA 13:the jamalam 14.BARRAX! 15.knex mad my favorite talking buddies!(no order) 1 knex gun builder! 2 selezonia! 3 knexfreek! 4 knexfreak95 Some awesome peoples: 1.Seleziona:he`s just always happy never angry! He`s also very nice to me! 2.Knexgunbuilder:he`s al…


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