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  • cpburk3 commented on TheMacgyver's instructable The Mini Vape (Pictures)2 years ago
    The Mini Vape (Pictures)

    Questions:How does the heat/current "flow" across the screen. (sorry for vague terms, just trying to grasp the extremes of how this process would work) Like: if the trench/screen was ten feet long, what would happen and how would the placement of the rods matter?Can you connect the (-) end of NiMH AA *anywhere*? like could the rod be in direct contact with the battery or does it have to make contact on a small point, etc

    correction: (-) end of the device. not the battery. can you connect the (-) end of the device anywhere on the battery, is all that matters is that it's in contact, in some way? What are the extremes of that? (if that doesn't make sense, I can clarify)

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