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  • craftsman44 commented on mscharch's instructable Laminated 2X4 Work Tables2 years ago
    Laminated 2X4 Work Tables

    PeeDonkeyPit you said it yourself forward leg. As I see it, it's missing.?? With four legs, five or six of us could stand on it.

    This looks very nice and, like others, I would caution the user from adding weight to the top front. The same look can be accomplished by using a 3/4 sheet material for the top and run a 1x4 band around the perimeter. The top would weigh far less and thus allow the frame to support more weight if one chose to use it for something other than light display.

    Hi RobertB163, The comment re: 2x4 vs 2x6 might be better understood realixing that he is using the material glued together (laminated in title) on edge. So he/ she is not using it in the 1.5" dimension, but rather ripped and face-glued. In other words a 2x6 (actual 5.5") ripped yields 2 boards 2-11/16" allowing for the blade. Cutting off the rounded edge of "store-bought" lumber, you can essential get 2-1/2" of thickness placing the ripped boards on edge. It is pretty common practice among traditional woodworkers to build bench tops with a 3-4" thickness in this manner. Lots of glue involved. Hope that helps.

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