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  • curtismartz commented on ThomasJ1's instructable Wireless All Sky Camera1 year ago
    Wireless All Sky Camera

    I don't think an astronomical camera would be required to monitor hummingbirds : )

    wifi enabled "360 degree" cameras are available for well under $100 if you look around a bit : )

    Has the dome been able to shed snow? It would be excellent if you could mount this on your roof to avoid seeing the house and most other ground objects. I am setting up something similar for capturing time lapse cloud imagery using a hardwired "360 degree" non dome type IP cam in upstate NY, though I need to experiment with frost and snow solutions. A kit for your use using a cheaper cam and raspberry pi zero or another similar sub $10 board would be awesome. I predict a that a nationwide network of these cams will emerge within 10 years. I'm surprised that virtually no one is using this type of setup for monitoring clouds : ) Thanks for your effort this is great!

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