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I'm the proverbial, "Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-None". I grew-up the son of a carpenter and built model airplanes as a teen. I started an aerospace engineering degree, completed an AS in mechanical engineering degree and 75% of an AS in electrical engineering, and used to be a bit of a programming geek in college and early in my career. I tend to use Yankee Ingenuity and solve problems with whatever is handy.


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  • dacker commented on amtodd11's instructable Signaling Cyclist Jacket

    FYI, the links for both video clips results in:AccessDeniedAccess Denied... etc....I'm experienced road bike road kill. :-) I'm surprised you used a black-colored jacket on a project to improve visibility at night. Was this what you had available which you were willing to sacrifice to the project? If you were to make a version 2.0, you might consider starting with an inexpensive high-vis vest and run cables to bike gloves with the LEDs on the back and the switches at the base of the forefingers where a thumb can press.

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