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  • If you really need more heat, make some thermite and replace your charcoal with thermite bricks. Pretty easy to make: aluminum powder + red oxide powder mixed and formed with a binder like plaster.

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  • davidcondrey commented on kludge77's instructable Milliput Ring

    If you work with the milliput underwater (In a bowl of water) or keeping your hands damp, you can avoid the stickiness.

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  • Thanks for the tips Robert. You are correct. I tried making molds of 3 separate parts using plaster and was only successful in completing one carbon fiber piece. The other two molds, including the one in this instruct able ended up being trashed. I have now started using liquid latex but have not been able to do any large pieces because the liquid latex is so expensive. Almost $100 per gallon. :/I've also been using a resin infusion method of creating the carbon layup but getting an airtight seal seems to be a struggle no matter how well I thought I prepared.

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