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  • davidp680 made the instructable Micro LASER Show With a CD Lens Mechanism2 years ago
    Micro LASER Show With a CD Lens Mechanism

    Fun project. Many thanks. I have converted two lens mechanisms so far. I haven't got the shapes array in the provided code working but some simple for next loops work and give me similar results to your photos. The 'sticky putty-like glue made for putting posters on walls' works well as did the clothes peg. I have assembled using helping hands vice and this gives an extra advantage of being able to rotate the whole unit to direct the display to a wall or ceiling.The units I used both had a bolt holding the contact board. I used this to fashion a small eye-hook to hold the mirror wire.

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  • davidp680 followed Milen2 years ago
      • Party stroboscope done by recycled parts
      • Arduino controlled power supply source
      • Arduino Nano to Arduino Uno adapter
  • davidp680 commented on msuzuki777's instructable Arduino USB2 years ago
    Arduino USB

    Excellent! I found an old SN74LS04N, powered that from the Mini, fed TXD through one gate, RXD back through another and, instantly, the USB serial connector works. A eureka moment. I was just about to resort to a convertor module. Many thanks.

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