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  • dgee5 commented on DanielleB135's instructable How to Tie Dye7 months ago
    How to Tie Dye

    FYI... Soda Ash actually removes the starch and "loosens" the fabric. As a substitute, you can use swimming pool chems used to increase PH levels. 2 cents...-Cool idea is to alternate colors front to back.-Lastly, I've changed from rubberbands to string cause it holds tighter. Peace, Love, and Poptarts!

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  • dgee5 commented on JDBennett's instructable How to Section Chicken Wings9 months ago
    How to Section Chicken Wings

    Holy cow.... 1. NEVER cut toward yourself and that includes your fingers!!! 2. Get a real knife, not a paring knife. Chef, cleaver, santoku, ulu, ... Using dull knives is when you end up cutting yourself.3. Hold wing with the tip facing up so the drum and wingette makes an A. Slide the knife down parallel to the wingette into the joint. It's just cartilage. If you use a real knife, science will help you out making it cut easily. 4. Flip the wing to a V. Cut through the skin halving the drum and wingette 5. Done. Let's work smart, not hard.

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  • dgee5 commented on projectvolt's instructable Take Your Home WiFi With You in the Car10 months ago
    Take Your Home WiFi With You in the Car

    ...or you could just purchase a travel router like RavPower FileHub for $50. Seems like a lot of work to reinvent "the wheel".

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  • dgee5 commented on momoluv's instructable Swirl Tie Dye Shirt3 years ago
    Swirl Tie Dye Shirt

    Look good! If I may, I have a few tips...►Soak garment in Soda Ash. It'll remove any starches and help loosen the cotton fibers. You can find it at arts and craft stores or with swimming pool chemicals. ►Tie when it's still damp. Easier to tie or rubber band. Besides, it'll give you some nice pleats....tight. ►I've always let them go overnight, open, rinse and wash with a pH neutral detergent like synthrapol. This will get all "loose" dye out and stop your dyed garment from mudding. Live and let dye!!!!

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