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I'm an architect by day. I love doing projects by night, both on my own and with my kids


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  • Quarter Iso-grid Cardboard Longboard

    i really dig this. Nice Job!my only comment is that i think it may help to add some reinforcement around the edges of the board to keep from crushing the cardboard. i think some 1/8" dowels cut to the width of the cardboard and glued at the triangle joints around the perimeter would do it

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  • Simple Fountain Pen Chest

    I really love this! makes me want nicer pens. all my pens are work horses (lamy's, kaweco's and metropolitins). i've been rationalizing my addiction to my wife (and myself) as that all my pens are "entry level" and serve a specific function (based on nib or ink color). i keep my pens in a line on my desk (which my coworkers make fun of) and have a cigar box for ink. its time to up my game and get some higher priced pens and have a case to take care of them, but there's no way i'll ever spend a lot on a case. if i'm going to spend a chunk of money i'd rather spend it on a pen.

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