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  • Using a Single-Axis TB6560 Stepper Driver With GRBL/RAMPS

    Very useful I too, have had great success with the Toshiba chip, both the unit you're showing, and its big brother the TB6600. The latter simply beefs up the spec from 3 to 5 A and up to 45 V. In reality this means less heat. I run a 3 axis, chain driven plywood cutter on an open-ended 1.5m bed with PrimoPal 57s, 24 V, 2 A, in the tropics, average daily temp 30C. Some minor issues with the 6560, no problems with the 6600. A nice unit comes from China, the HY-DIV268N-5A. Maybe 12 bucks a pop but have their own Alum housing with a heat sink about 4 times the size. My breakout board with the A4988s sits on the shelf waiting for me to replace the chips which have all burned out, past about 350 mA.

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