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  • dollywild's instructable Self Watering Outdoor Plant Pot's weekly stats: 6 weeks ago
    • Self Watering Outdoor Plant Pot
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  • dollywild commented on inventorlglira's instructable Green Drip Irrigator2 months ago
    Green Drip Irrigator

    how long does the bottle drip for? is it a matter of minutes, a week? I'm wondering if this is a good solution for vacation .

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  • dollywild commented on RegisHsu's instructable Cat Scratching Pad3 months ago
    Cat Scratching Pad

    such a good idea! my cat loves to go in boxes already. I am going to make this! thank you!

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  • dollywild commented on GFire's instructable Tool Restoration8 months ago
    Tool Restoration

    I live in a house built in 1917, on a block of such houses, in an American city known for it's great number of Victorian and Craftsman homes.Hand tools are so important. when you look at an historic home- hand tools were it. yes, they may have been more specialized, and the work crews were certainly larger. But a great deal of Europe and a fair bit of North America was built with tools just like these. I sometimes even find a handmade nail, likely from the bottom of someone's toolbox.I hope there are always people who restore, respect, and maintain these tools for the future. they have so much to teach us.and if you cant tell from all the poetry, great 'ible!

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  • dollywild commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses Ziploc Bags10 months ago
    Unusual Uses Ziploc Bags

    if you leave a minimal amount of paint on the brush, you can store it over night, or longer, in the freezer and the paint does not dry. I have only done this with latex, (water based) paint, and you really must not have a loaded brush. I frequently only have an hour or less to work at at a time on projects, and saving trifling bits of time adds up. in addition, it prevents paint waste. I'm also guilty of doing my first coats in the evening with poor light, and who wants to go outside and wash a brush in the dark? (old house; cranky plumbing, no paint down sink)thanks for the great ideas

    yes, I do this for beads, or to corral bits of gold or silver wire. I buy my tiny bags at DAISO, a Japanese shop in the Western USA that sells everything for $1.50, about 50 bags in in a pack.

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  • dollywild commented on dekeros's instructable One Sheet Plywood Boat11 months ago
    One Sheet Plywood Boat

    lovely! thank you for this. seems like just the thing for the kids to play in at the beach. I think I will drop an anchor in the shallow water so I dont need to worry about them paddling too far out. now looking forward to the two sheet boat so that *I* can have a paddling boat.the river you put in at is beautiful, as well.

    in the US if you look for something called Spar varnish, you can use that, as well. if you use linseed oil, it would be wise to put on a fresh coat every season.

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  • dollywild commented on dohoss's instructable How to Ranger Roll a T-Shirt1 year ago
    How to Ranger Roll a T-Shirt

    i only wear black...i am...the most intetesting housewife in the world.

    shhhhh. let people like things.

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  • dollywild commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie Glowing Jars!1 year ago
    Eerie Glowing Jars!

    Your English is lovely. Your instructable is perfectly clear and very inspiring. I appreciate links to materials that will wor. Anyone who does not understand Amazon affiliate links in this day and age is just willfully ignorant. So sorry you recieved any negativity. Im looking forward to making these as soon as my paint arrives! Meanwhile, i am searching for a plastic jar so i can make one for a very small friend.

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