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  • DIY Baby Swampy (small Evaporative Cooler)

    It wicks up pretty well. I wanted the holes placed about right there as a reservoir area instead of having to pump it up and through them.You could always do larger horizontal slots, especially in something a durable as an old bucket or something. The container I used was pretty flimsy so slots wouldn't have worked well. It vibrated quite a bit.

    Glue guns are pretty cheap. You get what you pay for though. They might break, be slow to heat up or have other problems

    lol. Thanks for stopping by.

    Uhm ... Sponges are just going to hold the water. They won't be very effective for transferring it through the air and my guess is it won't be very breathable at all. If you're in a jam and have no cash, try maybe some cotton/polyester or something. An old shirt maybe loosely stuffed in there. Decent breathability and should wick up the water well.

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