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  • I use a fuel filter as the semi-final one, a filter from an actual desoldering gun on the desoldering pump body and another extremely fine wire filter behind it plus a resonably fine wire filter in the pump body itself so there is no chance of it getting soldering inside the actual pump. Cheers :)

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  • Hi, You don't even have to drill the tube, just use a small SMD led with a couple of very thin wires and then just glue the led to the bottom of the tube, you can get a really amazing look without ruining everything, in fact, you can still use the tube because everything is so small there is no problem. Of course it has to deall with the heat. Most tube sockets have a hole in the center anyway. You just insert a 3mm orange or amber led on there and away you go. In fact this is what I did with my hybrid tube headphone amp. It looks amazing at night. I can send you a picture if you want. Cheers :)

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