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  • Rapid Fuelling Potato Cannon Mounted on Kubota Tractor

    It would be neat to use blowby as a Ar15 does to reload in a duel barrel setup. Where a center mounted arm would be thrown from barrel to barrel then slamming a new spud on to the end and using the exhausted pressure to then shoot the spud down to the breach. Using the energy of one to reload the other. I am a thinker and can design things, but many of those in my head are too difficult with minimal tools and supplies. Good work guys. I love the safety and mobile aspects.

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  • Thank you for your responce. At this point any information i gather is a blessing.I appreciate the links provided immensely.I will definatly look into them. Bless you for the input.

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      • LEGO BRICKHEADZ Secret Stash (for USB, Keys, Etc.)
      • Cardboard Box Bus - for a Toy Ride
      • Digital Playgrounds - Inclusive for Visually Impaired Children
  • Thank you for a very creative and helpful hack of this area. My brain won't stop redesigning everything i see. Lol I'm sure you know what i mean. Prototypes go to the closet for some reason. Should have been sucessful by now. Guess it wasn't ment to be. Anyway over the last week i had a family member that lost both arms in a tragic dog attack. Im looking for any way to help so this is awesome.Time for me to put more effort in raspberry piAnd 6th order butterworth crossovers for sensor feedback.I follow all of you guys and it is so inspirational. I had hoped to get a 3d printer at some point. Now i wish i had put it higher on my list of priorities, but it is now. Lol thanks for everything all of you do. It has helped me for years. Happy 2019 instructable team.

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