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  • edweldon commented on rephus's instructable Live Picture Frame With Raspberry PI1 year ago
    Live Picture Frame With Raspberry PI

    Voila!! Finally someone has resurrected an idea whose time has come. 7-8 years ago when I first saw 24 hour streaming video (in every 15 second snapshots) I thought this was the next big thing for the 99% of people who live in a home without a view. With my ignorance of the technology it required to do what customers would want it's a good thing I wasn't ready to invest real dollars. But now the concept is viable techologically. I can think of several large corporations that already have the capabilities to present this product to a ready market. It may well be a new technology gold rush. Ed Weldon 12-03-17

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  • edweldon commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt1 year ago
    Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt

    For tiny screws, such as in scake model building, sizes #2 & #4 and possibly even #1 use a fine tooth jeweler's saw with the screw held confined in the soft jaws of a small vise or machinist parallel clamps.Another point on repairing a damaged hole in wood. Wood dowels work nicely for repair plugs. Hardwood dowel stock is available from suppliers to craftsman wood workers. Or hunt up the right tree, like a maple, collect a few fallen branches from it and allow some small pieces of the right diameter time to dry.

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