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  • eel_dahc commented on markk7's instructable Salvage Mini-PCB-boards for Arduino Shields12 months ago
    Salvage Mini-PCB-boards for Arduino Shields

    I have a bunch of old VCRs, sattelite boxes and suchthat I have removed all of the PCBs. I was thinking about cutting out the different sections, for example if there is a 5v regulator section in a good layout that i could just take a saw and cut out and then solder some wires to instead of creating a new breadboard with the components. Any one do that?

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  • Make Your Own Eco-friendly Soldering Flux

    Tried this out today, in Texas, plenty of pine trees to walk around and pick off the rosin blobs that form where the bark had damage.

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  • Modding Fisher-Price 72825 Formel Junior Fernlenkflitzer

    I found your instructable helpfull. I bought about 17 various rc cars from a flea market, some had controllers, some didnt. I couldnt figure out how to make a 27 remote work with a 27 car. Well after finding this instructable i learned what that ferite core was for and bypassed it on the transmitter and now a few of the 27 cars that didnt do anything now work!

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  • eel_dahc commented on Tarwin's instructable Reanimate old battery drill2 years ago
    Reanimate old battery drill

    I used your lipo instructable to make rc car batteries and now this one to fix my craftsman c3 battery from old laptop batteries! Thanks.

    Not recommended, the phone controls the charging. There are little circuit boards inside that only provide a low voltage cuttoff. Not charging. I just used a nokia battery's innards to replace my psp battery's innards.

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