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  • engele commented on engele's instructable Create Your Own Sailboat Belaying Pins2 years ago
    Create Your Own Sailboat Belaying Pins

    When I made these pins we were preparing to go sailing for an extended amount of time. We were on a Seafarer 38. Unfortunately, we hit our departure date before I could build the rack and I still ended up winching haltards off of the mast all of the time to keep them from banging. I think sadly, you will have to tell me how they worked for you :)Our sailing trip is documented at

    Jason, I just noticed your name. A friend of mine named Jason had a Ranger 37 named Quick.To answer your questions about length of line to be lashed to the pins, I often take a loop and wrap it around a coil before looping it back through the eye, this allows a good bundleto be hung easily in a snap keeper or on a small hook.These pins should accommodate 50-100' of 5/8" line (off of the top of my head I think that would be around 10-35 meters and 15mm or so thick.).

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