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Leatherworker -- my specialty is armor and cosplay replicas, but I want to learn ALL THE THINGS!!!
  • enkelien commented on Iceland73's instructable IKEA Shade Sail Hack
    IKEA Shade Sail Hack

    I'm looking into putting up shade cloths over our patio, where it's both very hot and very windy (Chihuahua desert resident here, *waves*), which would be anchored into brick. I'd been planning to just use ~1/4" eye bolts -- does your preference for the IKEA anchors mean that eye bolts won't stay in?

    I'm not sure what it is -- they're painted over white, and they're bigger and less squared-off than regular bricks. They're also a PIA to drill into -- takes a corded power drill, a bit for concrete, and leaning on the drill for about five minutes to make a hole. But the last thing I want to have to do is make *more* holes because the first one came out in the wind, so I'll definitely take your advice and see if I can find anchors like that. Not leaving big unsightly holes in the masonry is also a plus, since this is a rental place. Thank you for weighing in on that!

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  • enkelien commented on travderose's instructable Concrete Letters
    Concrete Letters

    Eyyyy, Finns! My dad had a cat named Sisu. ^_^

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