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  • I used a similar method with an arc welder. start with a short piece of steel, angle iron or flatbar. It must be short enough to turn after it is welded on. Drill a hole about the thread size in one end, near the edge. Place the hole over the thread, and weld to the screw, and fill the hole you drilled. let the weld cool, which warms the piece holding the broken screw, and expands the outer thread, and breaks any rust or thread lock if present. After the metal cools from red to just hot, try turning the bar you welded on. Don't come straight out, try turning back and forth and the peice will get easier to turn. Once it frees up, remove the screw. If I have more than 1 broken screw I drill more than one hole in the metal bar, near the corners at the ends and reuse the bar.

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