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Eric Bosloor has a friendly face that you will be sure to see if you’ve ever been down to any of our Supercheap Storage outlets across Australia. He travels frequently across the country to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney on a quest to find out about how Australia perceives the storage industry - and in particular relation to Supercheap Storage Solutions! Working diligently in each outlet, Eric’s job is to investigate exactly what customers value in our Supercheap brand and also identify the tr…
  • ericbosloor commented on leja1965's instructable Small Aquaponic Unit

    I am not a huge fan of gardening as I know the amount of work you would need to put in every day in order to sustain a healthy system. However, I have heard of aquaponics which can be done indoors in comfort. I think I might give this hobby a shot and see how it goes as it does seem pretty interesting. Nevertheless, should you ever need to move out in the future, you would need to perform the necessary before you move into your new home to ensure the plants remain healthy throughout the phase.

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  • I think this idea is great especially when you need to resort to cutting costs after moving house. However, I personally find that the area is still messy as the clutters are just dumped in the individual jugs without any lids on to conceal in the mess. I would rather cut the opening halfway through the top so the remaining plastic piece that dangles from the top can be used as covers.

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