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  • I finally got around to building my music module over Christmas. I bought a couple of cheap MSGEQ7 chips from China and both are faulty. One just provides a pretty constant mid-range voltage for each frequency and the other has poor response on the upper 5 frequencies. I've worked around this in the code while I wait for some more to arrive and am enjoying this feature immensely.

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  • Happy Christmas everyone. Here's a short video of the Christmas example from the picube code. Sorry for the video quality - it definitely looks better in the flesh!

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  • Here are a few more videos: - cyclone and atom driven by a Pi ZeroFlow - a new animation I've been working onHeart - beating heart that moves back and forthSlidetext - text slides in then moves forwardsSBS - the first five minutes of Super Big Show.Ghost - The part of the Halloween show I posted earlier.The quality isn't great but enough to show the idea.

    The project README file ( ) has some quick start instructions which are probably not detailed enough - drop me a line at and I'll help you get up and running.

    I've been trying to get some videos but I'm not happy with them - the camera keeps trying to adjust for the changing light level. I've charged up an old digital camera now so will have another go and put something up.Here's a short snip from Halloween:

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  • Finally got around to building my cube and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.I'm driving it directly from a Raspberry Pi - software available from Pi models work, even the $4 Pi Zero and with the interactive shell it's much more fun to interact with the cube in real-time and quickly develop new patterns or animations.

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