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  • foehn commented on oxerdam's instructable Felting a Hippopotamus
    Felting a Hippopotamus

    This is an absolutely beautiful sculpture. Thank you for posting the instructable about making it.

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  • Your finished helmet looks great. Easier: how about just using a helmet with a visor? Or at least agitate with the helmet manufacturers to offer "road" lids with a removable visor options?

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  • foehn commented on jessyratfink's instructable coconut oil frosting

    I have had coconut frostings on vegan cakes at fairs I have had the pleasure to judge. Coconut oil will hold shape, but use as little additional "milk" as possible. Plus, if you are working with it cold, it will probably need more milk to make it workable. Do not add this milk--just let the frosting get a couple of degrees warmer for better workability.The problem I have seen with coconut oil frostings is that they can "weep" liquid coconut oil if it gets too warm. Keep that thick frosting cool and make it thick for best results and if you need more workability, do not add more liquid, let it warm up.

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