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  • fschill1 commented on diymontreal's instructable Easy Half Lap Joints

    Just spit balling. I've limited success using my stacked dado. probably the blades moving around under pressure. I love your system, but was thinking that if you made all the initial cuts, you could then use the table saw with a home made tenoning jig and raise the blade to the height of the lap and cut all the pieces.I think except for other than end laps this might be easier than chipping away the material.

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  • fschill1 commented on makjosher's instructable The Ski Sled

    I think this sled is awesome. I was wondering if you used 4 skis, where the rear skis would bear the load of the sled and the rider and the front skis would do the steering. If they were mounted to a cross bar via a rod passing vertically through them, that would allow the front skis to actually turn instead of flexing. Just a thought.

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