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  • Solar Powered APRS Digipeater for Amateur Radio

    Nice article.I have been running a solar powered 2m repeater for over 20 years, and your instructions will help many people. I also almost remember using packet radio prior to the internet. But I wonder why you use a gain antenna. I built a yagi for packet but only to reach the nearest node station which was over some hills. But the repeater always used verticals to get all round coverage.Regards. VK3CQ

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  • ggriffith1 commented on Steve Willson Kujur's instructable Build a Power Bank in $21 year ago
    Build a Power Bank in $2

    I have made a few similar to these, no problems. At the moment I have 60 odd old 18650 cells from laptops and test them with that discharger to establish their capacity down to 3volts. The only problem I see with this project is that it would take ages to charge all those cells with only 1 amp input. Also how many of you people who say soldering is dangerous have actually had a cell explode of catch fire? Or are you just repeating stories? I have soldered hundreds of them with my trusty old Scope iron with no problems. Just do it hot and fast. My current project is three banks of 5 cells to give 10 AH at 12.6 volts fully charged to use as a jump starter for bikes and cars. My previous one had three banks of 3 cells for 6AH.

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  • ggriffith1 commented on dreens's instructable Battery Eliminator2 years ago
    Battery Eliminator

    If you're a do-it-yourself-er I suggest doing what I normally do in these cases. I install a power input socket somewhere in the side or back of the case so that you can plug the original DC power plug straight in and bypass the batteries. You can even use this method to internally charge NMH or nicads. You only need to be able to drill a hole in the case and wire the terminals on the new power socket to the battery terminals.

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