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  • Literary Clock Made From E-reader

    Launching the script via a book would be very nice, but I doubt it will work :)

    He launched it via SSH (Putty)..

    Try without Python as stated in another comment..

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  • SpaceBall 4000 Serial to USB Adapter

    Okay, I have no soldering iron (need to buy one) so everything is only plugged maybe there is a contact problem.. My black pill looks exactly like the one on the last picture (with the 5V marked) so I tried to glue the VCC to the diode (with hot glue) but it just behaves the same.. Also I tried your tutorial with 3d.exe and USB/IP but there I always get "Error Cannot Confirm P20" after "Initializing Serial Connection" in a loop (here it beeps 2 times on every try..).. Will buy a soldering iron (have TS100 in mind) but anyway would love to know why the software only solution doesn't work for me..

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