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  • gregdavid commented on StephanP1's instructable A boat from a single 2x43 years ago
    A boat from a single 2x4

    Had my doubts but yea, boat. Perhaps not very seaworthy though.

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  • gregdavid commented on 3zuli's instructable Universal Portable USB Charger3 years ago
    Universal Portable USB Charger

    Nibblers work best in sheet metal but I have used them in soft thin plastic. Sadly, they do tend to cause cracking and shatter in hard or brittle plastics, so like you I use my little dremel, but usually with the little saw blades instead of cutoff wheels, The saw blades are a bit scary. I always feel like I might take finger off if it were to bind & jump so best to NOT do what I do & wear gloves.

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