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Hi! My name is stitch. On the professional side, I am currently pursuing a career in law enforcement...but at home...I am a circuit bender! I am utterly fascinated by what simple little electrons can do! I consider myself a beginner, mainly because of all the possibilities there are with, say, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi, I have barely begun to scratch the surface. The lights of my life are my wife and son. I can't imagine a day without them! I am also a musician. I've been playing guitar for abou…


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  • I have done a project exactly like this a long time ago (well, not exactly. ESP8266 wasn't around yet!). I'm looking for the sketch at the moment, but I'll PM it to you (if possible). It shouldn't be too hard to adapt the code to work with the ESP.

    So sorry for the late response! So far everything looks good. Port forwarding is on, which is a major thing. One last thing I would suggest is, while connected to your home network, go into Google and enter 'what is my ip address'. This will give you the ip address of your home network as it appears outside of your network. I won't look anything like your run-of-the-mill 198.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x. So, let's say your external IP address is and you're away from home, open your preferred web browser and put in (assuming you've used port 80). That should be enough to reach your Arduino away from home. Let me know if you have troubles!

    Nice catch! I've sent many an email with mistakes like that!

    I'm 3 years late but I'm really curious if you've been able to monitor an ECG/EKG with this or a similar setup?

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