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  • Best Lithium Ion Battery Tab Spot Welder "NO Super Capacitor" DIY

    The peak power delivered by your method will be influenced by the gauge and length of the wires connecting the capacitors to the copper rods. Shorter or thicker wires will produce a higher peak power and thinner or longer wires will produce a lower peak power. The peak power has to be enough to melt the weld area without blasting away too much metal.Anybody making a setup like this would do well to copy faithfully. Adjustments can be made after you have evaluated the performance of the rig.

    Charging large capacitors is difficult for a power supply. At the beginning of charge when the cap is not charged the power supply sees a short circuit. At the end of charge the supply sees an open circuit.Most switch mode supplies don't like either conditions. The protect themselves by shutting down in the case of a short circuit. They don't regulate when they see an open circuit and may put out an unexpectedly high output Voltage. You might be able to get it to work by having a series current limiting circuit (resistor) and a minimum load resistor.

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  • DIY 3D Printed Laser Engraver With Approx. 38x29cm Engraving Area

    Very nice job. Well thought out and beautifully presented.

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  • DIY: Squeeze Extra Capacity From Old NiCd Batteries

    But they can ignite their packaging materials. Ask me how I know.I managed to get it outside before black smoke started to pour out of the battery and hot plastic dripped from where the heat from a shorted cell melted through the case.

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  • Hack an old pc power supply into a lab bench power supply

    Make sure that the rotary switch is a "break before make" configuration. Switches used in audio work are often "make before break" to avoid popping noise when the switch is moved from one position to the next.If a "make before break" switch is used it will short the supply Voltages to each other when the switch is rotated. Sparks or damage may be the result.

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  • harvsch commented on ShakeTheFuture's instructable PVC Socket Wrench3 years ago
    PVC Socket Wrench

    I would think of this more as a nut runner rather than as a wrench. I wouldn't try to actually tighten anything with this. PVC has an unfortunate habit of shattering violently when over-stressed. An outer jacket of heat shrink would make it a lot safer to use. Heat shrink with an inner melt-able sealant layer would likely increase it's strength as well.

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  • harvsch commented on RegisHsu's instructable Handy Power Supply3 years ago
    Handy Power Supply

    Nice job, I like your approach. Looks like something I would be likely to do.I see that you have a fan on the back. Hopefully it is trying to blow air out the back and not in. If it is blowing in, it will eventually fill the box with dust.If there is a fan there should be vents somewhere else so that the air has a path both in and out of the box.

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