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  • hazmat456 commented on hazmat456's forum topic comments3 years ago

    i posted this awhile ago and it appears that the problem is solved in some areas but not in others.In this section I have the ability to sort comments by active, oldest or newest. However when reading through some other instructables the option dose not appear at all. Being logged in or not dose not change matters, nor should it.Reading a comment string from 2 hrs ago then 2 days ago then 10hrs ago,4 days ago ext..ext... , responce from one comment before the original comment is just exasperating and confusing.

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  • hazmat456 posted a topic comments3 years ago
  • Im new to this site and I am very surprised that this is not a feature since it was suggested nearly a decade ago!Would make it much simpler to read, and keep people from asking the same question again.

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