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  • herdin commented on Slime Eel's instructable Waste Oil Burner3 years ago
    Waste Oil Burner

    Slime Eel Try a quart of diesel per 6 quarts of waste oil. That will thin it down a fair amount. The heater was 18/24 inch pipe vertical design. Kind of like a stretched franklin or vertical barrel stove.. So we had lots of room for the splash plate.. during the time I was in the oil fields I never saw a splash plate failure or issue. One person got the heater pretty hot by leaving the valve open too far. Once the heating pipe is hot you will be able to slow down the flow.. It helps atomize and thin the fuel.. Cheers Herdin

    Hey Slime EelGood job! In the oil fields we had an oil(diesel) heater in the doghouse(changing shack) and the line came into the fire box horizontally across the chamber then u shaped back to center to the drip point. I think it was to heat the oil a bit while still in the pipe. It had an elevated splash plate(put a bit of oil soaked paper under the splashplate to start). Just some ideas to kick around for your next one.. Gives me ideas for a future forge!!

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