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  • Junkyard Entertainment System

    Reminds me of the old days . . . My garage stereo was an AM/FM/ Auto Cassette player with a 12V trickle charger as the power supply, connected to an old motorcycle battery as the DC power conditioner, with auto speakers in plywood boxes.

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      • Leslie Birchinator - Neopixel Arduino MIDI Switch
      • The UnWelcome Mat
      • Wearable Personal Safety Alarm
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      • Jigsaw Table Like Table Saw?!
      • DIY Small/Portable/Convenient Workbench
      • DIY Desk Lamp USB Powered
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    Sheet Metal Tool Tray

    Nice! It gets me thinking of the many sheet metal tool boxes I have that have problems. An alternative to spot welding or pop rivets (or even diy rivets made from nails and heated with a hot torch), one can join the metal with tin solder or bronze (brazing) solder. It takes me back to the old days when such things were common practice, but forgotten about now.

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  • Convert a Full-suspension MTB in to a Go-anywhere Ebike

    Nice build! Here's a small suggestion for the frame clearance with the crank hub: Use my favorite tool - a 500 gram (~1 lb) ball peen hammer. Mark spot on frame that needs to be indented. Place frame tube in vise to minimise vibration. Carefully use ball end of hammer to lightly tap area needing clearance with hub sprocket/motor gear. If done carefully, in most cases, this should not make the frame tube bend. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't do it.

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      • Raspberry Pi Presentation Machine With Remote Control
      • Wireless Powered Multi Color LED Lamp
      • Smart Plug
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      • Laser Cut Machinist Toolbox
  • 3D Printed Radio That Works!! Easy to Make

    Ahh! A 5th grade class project. Boys and girls each made their own sets. 3/4" pine base board, 1" wood dowel for the coil. Sheet metal strips for the wiper and connectors cut with tin snips from a coffee can. 10-32 screws and wing nuts. 1N34 diode in a tiny glass globe. A Philmore headphone set. The 50K watt A.M. radio station 10 miles away would blow the diode if the antenna wire was too long

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  • Green Solar Powered Water Barrel Version 2

    You'e quite right. Recycled polyethylene (or other recycled plastics)can consist of a high percentage of degraded short-chain molecules which are more inherently unstable than virgin polyethylene. The addition of recycled poly to virgin stock can also increase the amount of fugitive catalyst in the plastic, which promotes degradation. Good quality virgin resin from a reputable manufacturer makes for superior products, as can be said about any manufacturing operation.

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  • Green Solar Powered Water Barrel Version 2

    The translucent poly tanks used here may degrade rather quickly (less than 5 years - due to your latitude, your mileage may vary) by crazing from sunlight and cosmic rays. Enclosing them in wooden boxes or putting them in a small storage shed will lengthen their useful time considerably.

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